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Judy Sutton Moore is a nationally and internationally recognized sculptor specializing in large scale, three-dimensional site-specific public art encompassing design, fabrication, full management and installation of her works.

Her first major public art installation, Sun Star, a suspended abstract sculpture of linear form, was created to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Texas independence in Amarillo, Texas. On March 2nd and only on March 2nd, the day of the anniversary, the suspended sculpture cast the shadow of a five-point Texas star.


Her professional background consisting of an MFA in 3D design/sculpture, over 30 years in public art installations and construction management, working with developers, city officials, county officials, and federal agencies have provided skills critical to the successful management of any large public art projects.


Judy’s public artworks can be viewed on college campuses, in city parks, county parks, community centers, as well as at private developments (both commercial and residential). 

Her knowledge of sculpture, art history and experience working in a variety of cultures make her a distinguished artist, lecturer, and guest educator teaching classes and working with students worldwide.


Using her knowledge and interest in prehistoric sun alignments, Judy created, designed, and constructed passive solar homes, each designed specifically for the unique needs of the client and the site.


Her passion and professionalism for managing large public art projects has taken her aboard to Australia, Argentina, Canada, England and Ukraine.


Judy has had solo exhibitions in England, Ukraine, Australia, Canada, Argentina and over 25 solo exhibits across the USA.

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