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The Tyler State Park, PA.

Commission by the Tyler Park Center for Arts

Stainless Steel and Resin

15’H x 12’W x 12’D

The Winged Chariot was created for the Tyler Park Center for Arts to be place in the agricultural field next to the center. It tells a story and is symbolically linked to our ancient past as well as our future. It's a metaphor for the power of time and celebration. A myth tells of Triptolemus flying around Greece in his winged chariot teaching the art of agriculture. This winged chariot is not propelled by winged horses but is a vehicle for the wings of flight. The wings are moving upward toward the blue horizons of the future. The Winged Chariot with its front plow and wings of flight celebrates the people of earth who explored the unknown...telling a story of breaking new ground, sharing knowledge and exploration. 

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