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In 2004 Judy Sutton Moore and a group of highly skilled experts formed Team Sculpture Force. This collaboration has set a high standard for quality craftsmanship as well as business practices. Judy works with her team through the early stages of development, fabrication / casting, transportation, and installation of every project.


Team Sculpture Force has worked with Judy to produce over 50 public art and studio sculptures. Judy and the principal members have over 100 years of combined experience in producing, fabricating, casting, and installing public art.


Judy Sutton Moore
Mike Cunningham
Becky Ault
Ben Blaney
Tracy Witherow
Will Trippe
Brian Witmer
Marc Rudolph
Tyler Crooks

Lead Artist, Principal

Chief Conservator, Principal

Artist/Business Manager, Principal

CAD Development/Project Manager, Principal

Executive Assistant, Associate

Coloration & Polychrome Concept, Associate

Head of Fabrication, Associate

Head of Installation, Associate

Mold and 3D Concept, Associate

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